Keltron Blog: Dispatch Response and Management

Advances in modern alarm management software redefine on-site fire alarm monitoring at multi-building facilities

Lisa Korklan, VP of Marketing Many multi-building facilities and campuses still use old, inefficient technology for monitoring and dispatching their fire alarms. Master alarm panels from their fire alarm control panel (FACP) manufacturers often consist of a board that lights up or presents an alarm code. These codes or lights require dispatchers to figure out […]

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So your police/security department doesn’t want to monitor fire alarms?

Lisa Korklan, VP of Marketing It is common for campus police/security departments to be responsible for monitoring and dispatching fire alarms. They are usually busy with other responsibilities such as campus security, access control, video monitoring and a whole host of administrative jobs such as visitor parking passes. It’s no wonder that adding a life safety […]

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